VI 160*200 CM

  • Gulta VI 160*200
  • Gulta VI 160*200
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    Taranko Meble means high quality, rich design, classic style and a diversified palette of colours. Our collections include modern furniture models as well as furniture designed especially for the hotel industry.

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    The beauty of the form and exquisite design, along with the solid construction, are the main assets of our furniture. The production technology of Taranko Meble is based on the best and proven methods of the carpentry crafts and on the most modern and advanced carpentry technologies. We use the best quality raw and semi-finished materials. The whole process is controlled by an experienced and well-prepared team of designers, technologists, production and logistic specialists. All this has a significant impact on the final features of our furniture: its quality, durability and interesting design.

    The producer does his best to ensure excellent cooperation with contractors and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the export to many European and non-European countries, Taranko furniture is recognizable not only in Poland.

    We are looking forward to doing business with you!





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The choice of materials
Width 173.00 cm
Height 112.00 cm
Depth 212.00 cm

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