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Why buy from us?
Because when you buy, you get:

Quality! All products presented in our store are certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Union, pass mandatory control of production and quality. Choosing us, you get only original and certified products.

Choice! We are one of the largest furniture online stores in the Baltics. The quantity and variety of furniture products presented to your choice, will satisfy almost any most demanding request. On our website you will find furniture for any vital needs. We are always ready to offer you furniture of almost any European manufacturer according to your individual request.

Price! Our price policy has a very flexible system:
- Firstly, thanks to direct work with the manufacturer (direct deliveries from factories), we can offer you furniture at the lowest prices, and if you find a similar product at a different store at a lower price, just write to us and we will offer the same products even cheaper!
- Secondly, thanks to the dealership discounts programs that furniture manufacturers provide us, we arrange several sales a year (Shares) several times a year, during which we can offer you to purchase furniture at SUPER PRICES. Please follow the publications on our portal.
- And finally, we are always ready to give you a discount. Become our regular customer and the size of the discount will increase with every purchase you make!

Simplicity! Against the background of overloaded and impenetrable web pages, our portal features functionality, elegant and thoughtful design, as well as simple navigation. Let you be easy and convenient to make your choice, and we, in turn, try to make the online store even more saturated.

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