chest of drawers Arko 05

  • Kumode Arko 05
  • Kumode Arko 05
  • Kumode Arko 05
  • Kumode Arko 05
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    An elegant bookcase from the collection of Arko will delight the eyes and surprise the guests of your house, because white furniture gives the interior incredible lightness and freshness. Arko is a unique design combining a glossy and milled front. Metal handles emphasize the unique look of the cabinet. Filling: 8 shelves for storing books, decor and other items. The furniture of this collection is equipped with a quiet closing function. High-quality MDF board guarantees durability and long-term use. The Arko collection will help you to arrange your living room or dining room.
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    ML FURNITURE is a family business run from the beginning by Dariusz Destroy since 1996. 100% of Polish capital in the hands of one owner is undoubtedly nowadays asset, comfort, activities and certainty for current and future customers.

    Initially as a small carpenter doing completely different production profile than now. However, the possibility of development which he gave in those days, the furniture industry quickly led to change the production profile was on the furniture.

    Foundation of the company and its owner, consisting in the production of top-quality products made from 100% of our factories are equipped with the technology park's largest and best manufacturers of machinery for the furniture industry in the world.






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ARKO balts mdf

ARKO balts mdf

Width 92.00 cm
Height 138.00 cm
Depth 42.00 cm

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