Hanging shelf ALBI AL-04

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    • The ALBI is a piece of furniture designed for the living room. It draws attention with its bright colors decorated with a darker accent in the form of patches in the color of oak lefkas. It looks good as a free-standing piece of furniture and as part of a larger set. Thanks to the original colors, it fits perfectly into bright interiors enriched with wooden decorative elements. It also allows for great flexibility in terms of individual arrangement solutions. INTERIOR
      The ALBI website has been equipped with swing doors with classic hinges. Inside, you can find shelves.
      The body of the site, the top and while made of a furniture board finished with a laminate, while the front of the MDF board is kept in high gloss. The glass on the front of the site has a thickness of 4 mm and the antisol property - is colored in brown. The door surface has been specially profiled so that it can be opened and closed quickly and efficiently without the use of handles. Plastic sliders located in the bottom part of the furniture protect the parquet from scratches and make it easier to move the cabinet during cleaning.
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    The increased pace of life and the notorious lack of time make the house shall be a refuge where we can stop and rest comfortable. Since 1992, we are trying to make a living space more comfortable and functional. DI-NET Company since it is inception working on the furniture market as a manufacturer of high quality hard furniture. We offer You youth furniture, rooms, dormitories and a wide range of chest of drawers, wardrobe and desks. Our furniture can be freely formulated, depending on the needs and preferences.

    Our goal is to create high quality products that will serve you for many years. We are distinguished by modern design and high quality of our products. The entire process of furniture production begins at the desk of experienced designers. Thanks to them we can boast original design and modern solutions. The physical process of creating furniture helps us to specialized, mechanized production line. The most important is for us, your satisfaction is why we count with every opinion and every effort is made to perfectly fit your tastes.

    We strive to be socially responsible company, therefore, heed the environment and appreciate the importance of investment in human resources. We are involved in various initiatives and local community.

    With long-term presence on the furniture market and thus gained the knowledge and experience we can offer you professional advice and reliable service. We encourage you to familiarize with the offer posted on the website or visit us personally in our office.





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The choice of materials
Width 150 cm
Height 26 cm
Depth 22 cm

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